Health Guarantee


We have ALWAYS had the same health guarantee!


Your puppy is guaranteed against Genetic Defects/Disease FOR THEIR LIFETIME!


Most breeders will only give you 1 year, but we know that not all genetic defects show up in the first year.


We do this for 2 main reasons:


#1 - We are confident in our puppies!


#2 - If there is a defect in any of our breeding stock,

we need to know so we can eliminate that dog from our program.


No need to keep a copy on your contract. 

We have to keep exact records of each puppy we sell for AKC.  Valid proof of your identity is all that is needed.


Most asked question about this guarantee is "Do I have to give the dog back?"

The answer is "No". 

You will just have to provide proof of diagnosis from a vet and proof that the dog has been spayed or neutered. 

We reserve the right to get a 2nd opinion.  Full details are in your contract.


To qualify for full discount, the disease must significantly impact the life of the dog or owner.  In some cases, the breeder may opt to pay a partial refund if the genetic disorder only mildly affects the dogs life.


*Something "may be genetic" or "many believe it is genetic" is not covered.  Only something scientifically proven to be genetic disease is covered. 

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