Full vs. Limited Registration



If you are new to purchasing a registered dog, the terms "Full" and "Limited" papers are probably unfamiliar to you. 

Full Registration is an AKC term that means the breeder releases rights to the new owner to

use the dog for showing or breeding purposes.

Most breeders are willing to let "Full Papers" be purchased on their puppies, but only to approved breeders.


Limited Registration is the term for when a dog is purchased with papers, but cannot be shown or bred. 


In 2016, we were informed that someone took one of our dogs and used the provided

AKC Limited Papers to get their dachshund registered with CKC

and were able to use the dog for breeding and listed our dogs on their CKC papers.

Due to this fact, we no longer provide any registration papers to new owners who purchase a puppy as a pet. 

All new owners will still receive a written & signed contract.


Every adult dachshund on the premises of our facility is registered with AKC.   EVERY puppy we raise is eligible for AKC registration.


Effective 9/1/16, we will provide physical AKC puppy papers only to those who purchase a puppy with papers. 

Yes, we know that AKC currently frowns upon an upcharge on papers, preferring an upcharge for Full Registration, but our policy is to also ensure we are complying with Federal Regulations. 


We will not sell to a commercial breeder or puppy dealer.  Only those who are planning to keep the dog for their personal ownership should shop here. 


To keep cost down, we do not register a litter if no one wanted papers.  However if one person does, then we get papers for the entire litter.  If you later decide you want to purchase papers, we may very well have them.  If we didn't get the papers, we will still work with you to get them from AKC, but there may be an additional fee from AKC that you will be required to cover.


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